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Fractional Integrator™ for Companies Running on EOS™

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Fractional Integrator™ Services


May Professional Services provides Fractional Integrator™ services to help visionaries of SMBs simplify their work, realize their goals, and balance their lives.

What is a Fractional Integrator?

A Fractional Integrator™ is someone that fully GWC™s the Integrator™ role, but does so on a fractional basis.  We spend one day a week with our clients, keeping them focused on completing their Rocks, solving issues, and working towards their V/TO™ goals.  A Fractional Integrator™ is the "glue" that holds everything together and serves as the "bridge" between the Visionary and the rest of the team. We work with Visionaries and their leadership teams, providing guidance, mentoring managers, documenting processes, and fine-tuning scorecards.

Why May Professional Services?

We are business agnostic and provide over two decades of experience from a variety of industries including: Automotive Electronics Manufacturing, IT Security Services, Marketing and Communications, Software Development and Software Resale.  Leveraging an Engineering background, we use an analytic and data driven approach to solve difficult business challenges. 

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